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Real Estate, Hotel and Architectural Photography

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Professionally taken photography for real-estate, property, villa rentals and interiors is proven to dramatically increase sales.
All equipment used is of the highest professional standard using the best wide angle architectural lens on the market with the highest quality and uniqueness of the post production process. Tastefully styled using colourful props enhancing the decor and giving life to the otherwise empty spaces.

“Garrett is a fantastic photographer who knows exactly what  I need when I ask him to take pictures of my projects. He is able to capture the atmosphere to perfection as can be seen on our website." Astrid Schep, Interior Designer, Quinta Style Boutique Design.

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 Documentary Real Estate Photography

Documenting your entire property, this is esential for sales or rental advertising. Using equipment of the highest professional standard,
the best wide angle architectural lens on the market and a unique post production process of the highest quality. All properties are tastefully
styled before each shot, sometimes using colourful props to enhance the decor, giving life to the otherwise empty spaces. Using a camera
at an height of 6m, beautiful elevated photography shots of the exterior are also taken as part of all villa photography commissions.

Documentary Pack Includes:
- Full interior and exterior
- Styling and selective use of props
- Full exterior dining table layout
- 6m Elevated Photography
- Full Post-Production of photographs
- Supplied in high and low resolution

Hotel and Tourism Photography

With you will receive outstanding architectural photography, a variety of creative lifestyle shots,
mixed with creative and artistic detail shots that would bring life to any website or brochure.
Whether it is a restaurant, lobby or entire hotel, building a library of quality photography is nesessary for the marketing of any establishment.
This photography library is ideal to apply to print, starionary, magazines, advertisments, websites and supplying partners.

Hotel and Tourism can include:
- Front of hotel, lobby,
restaurant(s), room(s), pool area,
grounds, bar and lounge,
dining areas, views, lifestyle, details,
6m elevated photography.

Lifestyle and Detail

A ‘lifestyle and detail’ shoot in addition to the documentary shoot of a property, perfectly captures the essence of any property.
With the ‘lifestyle and detail’ photography you will receive a colection of artistic photographs, from alternatice angles, portraying some of the finer characheristics of the property.

Lifestyle and Detail:
- Alternative angles
- Close-up of details
- Furniture Characheristics
- Mood of property
- Macro photography
- Excellent maraketing material

Night Photography

At sunset, with all the lights on, some properties can look stunning. To capture that requires specialist equipment, a knowledge of
photography and excellent post production.

Night Photography Includes:
- Documentation of exterior
- Main interior if aplicable
- Lighting Techniques
- Wide angle

Aerial Photography

Using radio controlled helicopter, any property can be captured from the birds eye view.
This is a great option to photograph villas or hotels with large surrounding areas.
With one pilot and one camera operator, fantastic angles can be captured from above.

Aerial Photography Includes:
- Sophisticated Flying Equipment
- x6 Rotor Hexacopter
- One Pilot, One Photographer
- Access to Previously unobtainable views

360º Virtual Tours

Get the full view, a 360º Virtual Tour gives the visitor a real view of he entire area.
While taking a documentery shoot, specific areas can be pre-selected for a 360º Tour.
The final tour can then be embedded into a website or shared on social networks.

With 360º Virtual Tours:

- A Real Idea of Space
- Easily Shared
- Stunning Panoramas

Photo Presentation Slideshow (video)

Combe a collection of selected photographs, choose a suitable music piece and enjoy the slide-show!
A photo presentation can create more emotion and WOW, than just the individual shots displayed seperatly. It allows the viewer to sit back
and enjoy the presentation of photographs. All slideshows are uploaded online and from there can be placed on websites,
social networks or shared directly with web link.

With a Slideshow you get:
- Impressive Presentation
- Easy to Share on Social Networks
- Music for Mood Enhancment
- Direct Link to email Potential Clients

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